Customer Growth

True growth depends on a management team’s ability to inspire a culture of success throughout their organization.

From vision through execution, a company must possess authenticity with a culture promoting growth and investment. Whitegate Capital believes these values are core ingredients of growth. We bring our expertise and passion to the table to create rapid and consistent growth.

Out of the 28 Million companies in the United States 99.97% of them never make it to the $100 Million threshold.

Whitegate Capital Partners has the experience and support network necessary to grow your business beyond the revenue plateau seen in most companies.

As a company evolves, it goes through periods of revolution and evolution. These stages are influenced by a company’s culture, values, and strategy. These factors can either be a hindrance, leading to stagnation, or they can be the key to reaching the next level of growth. To evolve, a company may need new advisement or investment.

How Companies Grow

Whitegate Capital Partners has grown a $450+ Million company, and is looking to apply this experience to grow the next great company in Data, Analytics, and Technology.

What Matters Most

We are passionate about working with world class people who want to build a
great company.

A growing company is made up of employees, customers, and shareholders that are excited and take pride in their work. The team must be willing to do what it takes in order to work their way up the growth curve. Growth is not easy ­– if it were, everyone would be doing it! Our ideal prospect has the following qualities:

Team: We work with people who are thought leaders, with excitement and energy

Customers: Customers are fans, who rave about the product

Values: Business should be a force for driving good in its industries and communities


Whitegate Capital Partners is looking to take on a leading role
through multiple engagement opportunities:

Major Investor
& Key Leader

Realizing a long-held vision of engaging as a major investor, Whitegate seeks to grow a company in a key leadership role within the organization.

Equity Stake &
Board Position

Whitegate can be a productive executive on your board. With an equity stake in the company, your success is tied to our own.


Our foundation of experience is built on a long history of driving growth in small and medium-sized enterprises. Let us advise you on how to take your company to the next level.

Focus Industries

Whitegate Capital Partners are currently identifying the next great opportunities in the technology, data, and analytics arena, and find the companies that are attacking this exciting space.





We are currently undergoing a nationwide search in the Data, Analytics, and Technology industries, as well as multiple industries in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area.

There is huge potential to grow across this landscape of world-class technology driven companies.

Strategy Consulting

$1.0 B

IT Consulting & Outsourcing

$5.0 - $10.0 B

Data /

$19.1 B


$13.3 B

We know the industry well, with strong relationships and client contacts, Whitegate Capital Partners is perfectly positioned to give your company the edge in an increasingly competitive market.


Whitegate Capital Partners has a strong team of advisors in place led by Patrick Hennessy, with experience to bear and a powerful, leverable network of industry leaders.

We are supported by a leveragable, powerful network

We know the industry well with strong relationships and client contacts


Whitegate Capital Partners has the tried and tested experience, equity, and market opportunities to realize your company's goal.

Developed a company vision and value proposition

Acquired and integrated companies to fulfill on company vision

Restructured companies to meet changing market place demands

Managed a client base for delivery and customer satisfaction

Built and managed sales/growth functions with various skills and compensation models

P&L Accountability from $2MM - $450MM

Built capabilities from the ground up, taking them to market

Proven business growth experts

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